Our clients - Étude Généalogique Savary
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Our clients

Notaries, lawyers, trust and bank officers and liquidators

Each year, more than a hundred files are entrusted to us to research heirs both in North America and internationally, in which we operate closely with foreign associates.

If increasingly extensive databases are an invaluable tool to perform our research, our experience and expertise remain the essential conditions for their achievement and enable us to carry out our mandates such as:

  • Research and Tracing of heirs and their representation
  • Search for trust and life insurance beneficiaries
  • Localisation of testamentary legatees or estate executors
  • People search in the case of correction of titles
  • Research of landowners

You want to learn more about our services?

Savary Probate Genealogy offers a diverse range of services to support you in the practice of your profession. From finding heirs to ordering official acts around the world, we will find solutions to your problems.

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