WHAT IS A PROBATE GENEALOGIST? - Étude Généalogique Savary
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What does a Probate Genealogist do?

Draft the family tree

The probate genealogist profession is to establish the family tree of a deceased person in order to determine the capacity of heirs according to the articles of the Civil Code or any given body of laws where the person has deceased. This done, he will have to locate the rights holders so that the notary, lawyer or liquidator can undertake the necessary steps for the proper settlement of the estate.


To draft the family tree of a deceased person, our study will use several methods developed during our 20 years of existence. With the help of public and restricted databases, civil documents and family testimonies, the genealogist can build a tree dating back decades and bringing together several hundred people.


Right holders localization

After drafting up the family tree, it is possible to determine the right holders of an intestate succession. Then begins an investigation work where the genealogist will have to locate the rights holders, whether in Canada or internationally.

Support to the heir

After locating the rights holders, the genealogist will accompany the heirs throughout the settlement process of the estate. That is to say, he will first help to prove the rights of an heir by obtaining the necessary official documents. Then, that he will represent the heir to the person in charge of the estate. Finally, that he will forward any document to be signed by the heir and returned by him. Of course, he will also act as an advisor and a reliable resource for the heir.


It is very important to note that no estate genealogist will do this work by asking to be paid in advance by the heir. Remuneration is always deducted from the estate at the end of the process, so that the heir does not have to pay any monies whatsoever.