FEES - Étude Généalogique Savary
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Reasonable and tailored fees

The method of remuneration used in the case for which you are contacted has been chosen by the liquidator of the estate. Several possibilities exist and some are more adapted to certain situations than others. That’s why we meticulously advise our clients on what kind of compensation would be more appropriate. However, the customer always has the last say on the final choice.


In addition, the fees are only collected if the case is successful and always on the estate. A probate genealogist will never ask you to pay an amount directly out of your pocket.


In the event of an unsuccessful outcome for whatsoever reason, notably due to the intervention of a closer heir, to a will disinheriting the Heir, to liabilities absorbing the assets Savary Probate Genealogy shall bear all the costs and expenses incurred in connection with the settlement of the above-referenced estate, irrespective of the amount, so that the Heir shall not be required to disburse any monies whatsoever.