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Estate and Probate Genealogist

Essential actor in the settlement of estate.

Invaluable partner for the notaries, lawyers and other specialists of the Trusts & Estates domain.

The estate or probate genealogist or heir hunter can help you find missing heirs or

establish the list of beneficiaries in an intestate succession.


Estate Genealogist – Heir Hunter

 Winter 2019

“The magazine of the Chambre des notaires du Québec, “Entracte”, spoke with Christophe Savary about the profession of estate genealogist, “an indispensable ally when the time comes to settle estates where the heirs are difficult to find or lost in archival mazes.”


[French article]

November 17th 2019

“We are also known as heir hunters. Our services are requested when a person decease and that their legal heirs are unknown or cannot be localized. Then, the notary or the executor [of the estate] mandates our firm to trace a this person” explains Christophe Savary, probate genealogist.

Y’a du Monde à Messe : Christophe Savary

[French TV show on Quebec’s government owned network]

June 7th 2019

Christophe Savary was one of Christian Bégin’s guests on the evening program “Y’a du Monde à Messe”. This was the perfect opportunity to describe the daily life of an estate genealogist. Can you find the link that binds him to other guests?

Christophe Savary : Heir hunter

[French article]

July 25th 2017

TROIS-RIVIERES. The phone rings, it’s Christophe Savary. On the other end, some $200,000 are waiting for you, an inheritance from a distant aunt or a forgotten old friend. If it happened to you, how would you react?