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Tracing missing heirs and beneficiaries

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Savary has been specializing in tracing missing heirs and beneficiaries for over 25 years. Our team can help you find missing heirs or beneficiaries, be it to a will, to an intestate estate, or to a trustee.

The research radius of our study extends beyond Canada, having operated in the United States, Europe, Australia and several times in other parts of the world.

No matter what type or amount of information you have, we will make the most of it to give you impressive results. Our different resources for this type of work, our contacts around the world and our expertise forged over our 25 years of existence allow us to maintain a success rate of 98%.

Clause “No win no fee”: For the vast majority of these cases, you pay nothing if we do not achieve the objective of the mandate. There is nothing to lose for you!


Clause “No win no fee”


Fast results


98% success rate

Recommended remuneration method

Hourly rate / Budget

For this type of work, our study proposes to work on a fixed rate basis. Usually, after examining the information you have given us, our team is able to estimate the time needed to complete the mandate, so we can set a budget not to exceed.


Process controlled by the customer

Fast and efficient, since there are few intermediates

Free quotation

You pay exactly for the work done

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Please write all the first and last names of the deceased
Please write the location of the birth as precise as possible (city, province/state, country)
Format (dd/mm/yyyy)
Format (dd/mm/yyyy)
Please write the last known address of the deceased and the most precise location of the death, if that location is different from his last address.
Please write the number of missing heirs to the estate and if there could be more. If known, please write the name of the missing heirs.
All given information can be useful. Last known address or living location, phone number, date of birth, date of marriage, name of the spouse, name of the parents, children, friends, occupation, etc.