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Determine estate devolution – Next of Kin

A death

Unknown family

No Will

The order of succession needs to be established


It’s our expertise.

In the case of an intestate succession, it is necessary to establish the next of kin to liquidate the estate. When this task proves more difficult than usual, especially because no family is known or because its members can not be found, our firm can help you.


A summary of the application of the rules of devolution of an estate in Quebec and in France can be studied on our site by following this link.

Savary is renowned in dealing with complex cases, where no parent is known. We will accompany you throughout the process of estate settlement, especially in more tedious tasks that are not a source of added value for your business:

1. Genealogical research;


2. Drafting and verification of the genealogical chart;


3. Contact with localized heirs;


4. Ordering of official documents used to prove the quality of the heirs;


5. Intermediate between the heirs and the estate executor;


6. Assets distribution.


Full take over of the case by our firm


Ordering of official documents needed in the estate settlement process

No fee, no billing, direct agreement with the heirs

Recommended remuneration method

Contingency Fee

In cases where we are mandated to find many heirs, and where research and contact work is considerable, it is often more circumstantial to work on this basis.


Full take over of the research and official documents ordering fees

Allows cost control for the customer when the research is long and complex

Free quotation

Only the share of the missing heirs participate in our remuneration

Hourly rate / Budget

For this type of work, our study can also work on a fixed rate basis. Usually, after studying the information you have given us, our team is able to estimate the time needed to complete the mandate, so we can set a budget not to exceed.

In the rare eventuality where the established budget is not sufficient, we will contact you to discuss possible avenues and whether it would be useful and realistic to continue.


Process controlled by the client

Fast and efficient since there are few intermediates

Free quotation

You pay exactly for the work done

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Format (dd/mm/yyyy)
Please write the last known address of the deceased and the most precise location of the death, if that location is different from his last address.
Please write the number of missing heirs to the estate and if there could be more. If known, please write the name of the missing heirs.
All given information can be useful. Last known address or living location, phone number, date of birth, date of marriage, name of the spouse, name of the parents, children, friends, occupation, etc.