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Estate and Probate Genealogist

Essential actor in the settlement of estate.

Invaluable partner for the notaries, lawyers and other specialists of the Trusts & Estates domain.

The estate or probate genealogist or heir hunter can help you find missing heirs or

establish the list of beneficiaries in an intestate succession.



[French article]

November 17th 2019

“We are also known as heir hunters. Our services are requested when a person decease and that their legal heirs are unknown or cannot be localized. Then, the notary or the executor [of the estate] mandates our firm to trace a this person” explains Christophe Savary, probate genealogist.

Y’a du Monde à Messe : Christophe Savary

[French TV show on Quebec’s government owned network]

June 7th 2019

Christophe Savary was one of Christian Bégin’s guests on the evening program “Y’a du Monde à Messe”. This was the perfect opportunity to describe the daily life of an estate genealogist. Can you find the link that binds him to other guests?

Christophe Savary : Heir hunter

[French article]

July 25th 2017

TROIS-RIVIERES. The phone rings, it’s Christophe Savary. On the other end, some 0,000 are waiting for you, an inheritance from a distant aunt or a forgotten old friend. If it happened to you, how would you react?

Earn a living through secrets

[French article]

December 28th 2016

Christophe has been doing this job for almost 25 years. His work begins when a solicitor asks for his help. The cases are as varied as there are crooked family situations.

Gagner sa vie grâce aux secrets

[Earn a living through secrets]